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Virtual Reality As A Service (VRAAS)

Introducing VRAAS – Virtual Reality As A Service

VRoom’s Enterprise VRAAS solution eliminates barriers and creates easy entry points that help forward leaning brands  fast track  into a whole new world of opportunity.


Immersive technologies are rapidly bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds and although adoption may seem slow from surface, be sure the transformation is underway and now is the time for your brand to define it’s virtual content strategy. From production to end user consumption, the entire digital media landscape is being transformed by virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) technologies. Collectively VR, AR and MR comprise the exciting new world of immersive media and create tremendous opportunity to engage audiences and grow revenue in new and exciting ways. But getting started can be risky business as capital outlay can be steep and finding the right talent with the experience your brand needs may seem impossible in many major markets.

Eliminating the cost and risk barriers and creating easy points of entry for brands expand into immersive content strategies is why the team VRoom Technology engineered it’s Virtual Reality As A Service or VRAAS full stack platform and is making it available to forward thinking businesses world wide.

VRAAS is Virtual Reality As A Service
learn more about VRAAS by downloading VRoom's VRAAS datasheetTo learn more about VRoom’s fully managed virtual reality as a service features download our VRAAS data sheet.