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Immersive Content Management

Engineered for Cinematic VR & AR Experience Makers
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Cloud Based AR/VR Content Management

The VRoom cloud platform is being engineered from the ground up to streamline the creation and optimize the delivery of your premium 360°, virtual reality and mixed reality immersive experiences.  We’re compiling state of the art technologies including cloud hosting, transcoding, adaptive bitrate streaming, and auto-scaling infrastructure that get’s VR/AR content out faster and with better results.

Simple, Secure 360 File Uploads

Automatic Transcoding

Access & Collaboration Tools

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Relentless Pursuit of The Best Immersive Experiences

Producers, Broadcasters and Brand Managers know that you only get one chance to make an epic first impression. That’s exactly why world class brands trust VRoom Technology for distribution of their premium immersive content. The VRoom Immersive Cloud storage and playback services provides highly secure and scalable storage, global scale CDN distribution, VR/AR specific technology, flexibility, and centralized cloud based VR/AR content management built by streaming media and VR/AR production professionals. From your branded VR/AR shorts to immersive episodic seriers, the team at VRoom is laser focused on the end-user experience so you can focus on telling stories and crafting immersive messages that matter.

Vroom Virtual Reality Cloud Hosting Services

Flawless Immersive Media Playback

One Click Transcoding Provides Maximum Compatibility

VRoom’s cloud based transcoding engine makes maximizing playback compatibility across all the major VR headsets as well as all webVR compatible desktop and mobile devices a one-click task. Simply select the devices you’d like your immersive content to stream to and leave the formatting work to our AWS Elastic Transcoder based tools to encode your immersive media for optimized playback performance. Our VR/AR cloud hosting and distribution platform streams to all the major VR manufacturers and continues to add more as the market evolves.

Secure, Responsive and Scalable Global On-demand Distribution

Once transcoding is complete, your immersive files are indexed and queued for fast playback to your target audiences world wide. It is designed to be a highly scalable, easy to use and a cost effective way for VR/AR producers and businesses to convert  media files from their source container formats to versions that will playback on all VR/AR devices like including smartphones and webVR enabled tablets and PCs. Premium content calls for premium encryption and VRoom delivers the most secure playback stream setup available.

Easy VR Channel Integration

Adding VR / AR content to your current ecosystem enhances your target audiences options and experiences. Easily embed your immersive content into your existing architecture, create new immersive only channels or any combination that works best for your brand.

Immersive Analytics & Reporting

Gain insights into your views experiences and actively manage your usage from a centralized, browser based control panel. Storyboard 360 is mission control for your immersive content with a growing range of AR/VR extensions and Immersive Analytics reports to help you grow your immersive content library.
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Powerful VR/AR Extensions and Flexible Support

Our innovative set of cloud-based tools are designed by AR/VR producers and allow for drag and drop style enhancements to your 360° media files. VRoom’s cloud based platform provides AR/VR producers and brand managers the market’s most complete immersive media editing suite and playback channel development tools. Modern support options range from access to our growing AR/VR producer community to full account management services provided by our VRAAS team.