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AR, AI, Pet Facial Recognition and A Lost Dog?

Can AR, AI and Facial Recognition Help Find A Lost Pet?
Exploring use case scenarios for a AI / AR powered Lost Pet Application at VRoom Technology

Question: Can facial recognition technology work with certain animals?  Say your beloved household pet for example? If so, can it be integrated with some AI to develop a AR/AI Lost Pet Application? Let’s see if Pet Facial Recognition is possible and worthwhile.

This week we’re brainstorming all kinds of use cases for  facial recognition applications and looking at how facial recognition can be incorporated into AR and VR Systems Applications. They said “anything goes” … so … my first face model was my Moms dog Healey and my first AR use case pitch will be an AR / AI / Face Recognition For Pets  an AR Application to help reunite missing pets with their owners (Remember – Anything goes!) Using a free version of Blippar’s AI/AR application, I was curious if it would even recognize an animals face as a face. As you can see from the video below, Blippar’s AI clearly identified Healy as a Dog (step 1). Next, you can see the key words appear on the screen as it tried to identify the type of dog he was by throwing up terms like puppy, cockapoo and terrier (step 2) until it finally arrived at the correct conclusion that Healey was a Wheaton Terrier and provided me with a link to more information about that breed (step 3). . . Cool!

Ok, I get that this is not actually facial recognition technology (or is it?) and I get that there’s really no way for Blippar’s software to identify this specific Wheaton Terrier as Healey or who his owner is and how to connect with his owner if he’s every lost (or is there?). That’s why I love this job so much. Either way, I’m putting my Lost Pet Facial Recognition AI/AR Application up on the white board today and assuming I don’t get fired, I may get to explore this concept further. Anything goes right? Wish me luck!

Answer: TBD!