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Immersive Technologies

Secure Distributed Systems + Engaging End-User Experiences = The Spatial Computing Economy
VRoom uses AR Cloud as a core immersive technology

AR Cloud At The Core

In the early days of the web, brands were forced to polarize their brick and mortar and online offerings and consumers were forced to play along. The rapid adoption and development of mobile technology set the stage for a unification between a brands physical world location and it’s web based activity. Today, we’re developing an AR Point Cloud that will finally unite location based businesses with mobile technology and create a synergy that delights consumers and drives new kinds of revenue for physical world businesses. VRoom’s AR Point Cloud allows brands to precisely anchor data on physical world objects within millimeters. That data can in turn be identified by the consumers mobile browser and deployed and consumed on the go. We call them “brick clicks” and they’re changing the very nature of location based advertising and mobile e-commerce.

Open Source Immersive Technologies

Recent advances in computer vision, spatial computing and mobile browser technologies have set the stage for a new era of mobile computing and new levels of consumer engagement. When you couple these technologies with Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (aka SLAM) you get VRoom – highly location aware, easy to deploy and deeply engaging experiences that are easy to deploy, useful and engineered to delight consumers at work, at play and even at home.

opensource immersive technology
VRoom provides turn key immersive technologies for ar and vr advertising

Compression and Cross-Platform AR, VR CDN

VRoom Technology engineered it’s content delivery and distribution platform to stream augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) video content on demand and has been deeply committed to delivering the best possible end user experience since day one. A combination of state of the art compression and powerful high bitrate streaming enables brands and advertisers to create new kinds of brand experiences that connect directly to the mobile browser with no friction, no latency and no third party apps required.

Powerful AI, AD Networks & Analytics

Powerful cloud based A.I. and distributed networks enable features like facial recognition and smart contract development which gives our platform and our clients a durable competitive advantage over the competition. With millisecond capture of key facial feature points we help our clients target audiences like never before possible and we do it across diverse locations and venues from public transit terminals to crowded live events. This technology is capable of decoding wide angle facial profiles, dramatic changes in facial expression, partially obscured and blurry images across varying degrees of light and motion. Want to give it try? Fix your hair and once you’re “camera ready” click the following link to demo our location based face recognition feature demo.

Face Detection and other immersive technologies by VRoom Technology