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Immersive Analytics

It's All About Eye Tracking (for now)

Immersive Analytics for AR / VR Content

The real power of immersive content lies in it’s ability to engage end-users much deeper and much more naturally than any other form of media. Studies conducted in 2017 show that VR/AR shorts are 10 times more engaging across all demographics then the same content broadcast in 2D. With any new technology come new data and B.I. that help producers and broadcasters better understand end-user reactions and expectations. VRoom’s platform includes access to the latest in Immersive analytics and will continue to evolve along with the industry. We provide the best in AR/VR MIS to make business decisions and formulate strategy.

What Is Immersive Analytics?

VRoom’s Immersive Analytics Services are fast, cloud-based business intelligence tools that make it easy to build custom reports, perform end-user engagement analysis, and quickly glean business insights from data captured from your immersive content and apps. Using our cloud-powered analytics tools producers and broadcasters can easily retrieve  stored end-user data for each experience indexed in your VRoom cloud account, perform deep analysis, and create powerful reports and KPI dashboards that can be accessed from any browser or from your VR/AR Apps.

Audience Data

From Geo-location and timestamps to device and headset types being used to access your VR/AR content, actionable audience data is available on demand.

Playback Data

Immersive content has to stream fast, on-demand and respond to changing end-user environments. Performance data reports on network and distribution performance.

Heatmap Data

Analyze what’s capturing end-users attention and what’s not with eye tracking analytics. Color coded and superimposed for easy engagement analysis and decision making.


Share your VR/AR anyalytics data with other users in your VRoom cloud account and seamlessly integrate your immersive data with popular B.I. tools like Tableau and more.