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Augmented Reality Strategy Partners

Augmented Reality Advertising Strategic Partners

Augmented Reality Strategy Partners

VRoom Technology, a virtual reality systems company has determined that there is a significant opportunity to take advantage of the growing augmented reality advertising and marketing services sector and seeks augmented reality advertising strategy partners.  While VRoom currently offers virtual reality as a service, VRAAS and bespoke immersive advertising campaign production and distribution services, there is also growing demand for mid-market and self-service tools that enable forward thinking businesses to engage in self-managed immersive marketing campaigns.


The target user for such services has experience with brand activation across both print and digital mediums and has a level of do-it-yourself (DIY) capabilities.  The most fitting profile is a current online marketing services client with defined monthly marketing budgets and desire to advance their brand’s services into augmented reality advertising, capitalize on VR/AR technologies, but may be overwhelmed by the fragmented augmented reality landscape and options available and/or prefers to partner with an immersive marketing authority on how best to use AR/VR technologies effectively as a customer acquisition strategy or marketing tool.


In order to address this demand, VRoom seeks to advance it’s web-based applications and make it easier for this target enterprise customer base to promote their brands, products and services through rapidly emerging AR/VR distribution services.  Temporarily named Immersive Advertising Starter Kit (IASK) 1.0, the initial version helps target clients set-up and maintain cloud-based, immersive advertising campaigns through a secure Co-branded admin portal.  Future versions of IASK will help users promote their products and services through more expansive AR/VR marketing networks, that are currently in development and potentially into Virtual World based banner ad and teleport link buying networks.


To the user, IASK is a centralized, cloud-based UI that allows them to set up their brands immersive ad campaigns and manage their end user experience, budgets, etc.  The core features allow users to add, delete and edit from an evergreen and expanding AR/VR asset library of volumetric, 3D, 360° display templates, customize text and budget amounts.  Since the main goal of IASK is ease-of-use, the initial version focuses on ease-of-use above functionality with the understanding that feature upgrades will be part of a well defined product plan and roadmap.  In order to accomplish this ease of use goal, IASK will use a series of step-by-step wizards to aide the user with drag and drop ease.  IASK also separates advanced management features from the basic management screen to give experienced users more functionality without confusing novice users. Add-on and Upgrade features will be inherent and obvious to users.


While there are few alternative immersive advertising management tools on the market, none of these other providers has a significant existing core of users and must rely solely on new customer acquisition to grow its revenue.  In addition, these tools act strictly to facilitate the management of existing marketing campaigns not as complete budget aggregators.  In other words, the user still maintains accounts with the clients don’t have a single unified tool to manage their standard format print and digital campaigns that capable of incorporating or integrating immersive AR/VR formats.  For IASK users, VRoom and it’s AR/VR analytics partner will be a one-stop-shop for immersive marketing and AR/VR advertising tools.

IASK users will host and distribute their immersive ads from VRoom servers and also have access to unique automation features and ability to upgrade services based on desire and business need..  Since VRoom maintains each user’s immersive ad files and the AR/VR analytics partner maintains the associated data, IASK can automate the process of suggesting strategies, budgets and be a future proof development ground that keeps the user on the forefront of the rapidly emerging immersive advertising industry.


Vroom Technology at CES 2018

Vroom expects to sell IASK services on a per experience and subscription-basis using a cost plus model agreed upon with it’s AR/VR Analytics Partner.  As VRoom and it’s partners enhance the feature set, IASK will begin to automatically optimize immersive marketing campaigns for the user.  The more efficiently IASK can spend the user’s advertising budget, the more VRoom and it’s partners will be able to grow it’s monthly recurring and one-time fee revenues.

For data analytics professional services providers seeking entry into the rapidly emerging world of virtual reality systems and augmented reality advertising we’d like to meet up at CES Las Vegas, January 9th to 12th 2018. Please contact us to set up a time to meet.

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